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water damage restoration

Water damage restoration is a field that requires expertise in many fields; We have the combination of all the required expertise, experience and certification in the field.

We make sure that all of our techs will have well rounded education, top notch equipment and extensive experience; further, We combined years of experience is over 113 years!!

Having this much experience is essential when dealing with situations that involve personal tragedies, weather hazards and loss. When coming to the site our techs are guided to treat the customers with much needed sympathy and patience to go above and beyond to help you in these hard times. To assist our customers and take as much as possible off of your plate, we offer a full packing and storing service to help get your beloved personal belongings in to safety, we will pack and secure all items that might be jeopardized by the presence of water.

Besides our packing and storage service we will ensure to provide you with a public adjuster from the first moment to act as the liaison between you and the insurance company to make sure that all will be done according to code and to expedite the time it takes for you to receive your reimbursement from the insurance company for all the damages and loss you have suffered.
365-fast-dry emphasizes the importance of having professionals of all fields on site, to ensure that the source of the leak will be found and properly taken care of, to ensure that there are no electrical wires exposed or that none of them got wet, if you suspect that there might be any electrical hazards please make sure to notify the tech on site so he can properly address the issue.

So how this works?
When a water damage occurs the first thing you must do is ensure that your loved ones are in a safe location, once you have done that you need to do a quick swipe around the house to see if you can recognize the source of the leak and stop it, do not waste a lot of time on it if you cannot locate it call us immediately!

Once you have called us you should try to salvage as much as you can, lift all small items that might be damaged due to exposure to water, electrical appliance that might transfer electric current through them, secure those items to avoid electrical hazard or a fire. If you have a driveway make sure to clear it so that our team of specialists can unload their trucks and their equipment, if you have a pet make sure to secure it.
When our techs arrive to the site you can pack your worries away and from that moment onwards let us take care of the mess, we will do our best to see that this situation will be fixed as soon as possible and that to take all measures required to ensure that we have done all we can do to minimize the damages to your home and personal belongings.

The services we provide –

•Water damage and restoration services
•Packing and storing of all personal belongings
•Mold remediation
•Moist control
•Bad odor elimination
•Fast dry technique of water, carpets, walls and baseboards

-Water damage associated health risks-

Many people when water damage occurs in their home are immediately worried about the aesthetic problems that might arrows to their property, however there are by far more pressing matters to be concerned about. Many people have heard of mold how ever very few people actually realize the risks of overexposure. The health risks associated with mold are extremely dangerous, especially to people with weak immune system such as infants and the elderly. Mold is commonly caused due to unattended water leaks which in turn become what we call water damage.