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mexican tile cleaning

mexican tile is a type of terra-cota tile, which is hand made and unlike other types of tiles it is not baked in a kiln oven rather it is “baked” under the hot , mexican sun. since it is a handmade tile there are basically no two identical tiles, this kind of tile fluctuates in color, size and texture and that is both its advantage and disadvantage.


The main problem with mexican tile is that it is not baked in high temperature oven, this causes it to not seal properly leaving pores that easily absorb dirt that one cannot clean with a mop and water.
this porous tile when mishandled and not cleaned on a regular basis gets an extremely grimy looks. one of the greatest advantages in mexican tiles is that it can be placed both inside and outside the house and many people tend to place it on the walkways, pool side and porch. the everyday wear and tear takes an even greater toll on mexican tile placed in outdoor conditions adding scratches, dirty rain water and foot prints all over - ths can convert your beautiful , natural looking tile into a grimy, filthy nightmare.

most saltillo floor manufactures sale the tile unsealed, that is so the clients can choose the level of finish they desire.
Saltillo floors can be sealed and finished to achieve different looks from no shine to high glossy shiny finish. the finish or the sealer in the professional language is what protects the tile from the everyday wear and tear damage and dirt. many consumers think that since the tile does not come sealed from the manufacturer that there is no reason to seal it - this is a very common mistake. in fact all manufacturers and resellers recommend that the tile be sealed both before and after the installation, that is to prolong the lifespan of the tile and to protect its coloring and prevent scratches and color fading.

…Does it have to be sealed? Yes, and only indoors should get a shine, and as mentioned above, periodically maintained. Indoors, the tile should be sealed for ease of cleaning. Sealing exterior installations is recommended for the following reasons:
The tile is like a brick and deterioration will not be an issue. However, preservation should be considered.
Cleaning up an occasional spill is easy, and exterior sealers do help ease maintenance, even if the exterior installation is under a cover.
Sealed exterior Saltillo tile is not slippery.
Unsealed Saltillo tile is porous and will absorb water. Its character will also change over time.
The color of sealed Saltillo tile blends wonderfully with the color of earthtones and landscape.
Sealing will prolong character change, but is not full proof.

If you have not have your mexican tile cleaned-and-sealed, or stripped-and-sealed in the past year, your maintenance is running long-in-the-tooth. If 2-years you are risking permanent damage to your tile, as your high traffic areas have likely already worn through their topical seal, and are wearing on the tile\’s man-made finish. XXXX has the ability to spot address and spot maintain as needed, so that your high traffic areas are being appropriately serviced, insuring you are not OVER-serviced, while delivering a quality outcome. Mexican tile should be re-sealed every year, or depending on traffic, every six-months. A proper topical sealer will protect the baked on color and finish. Wear through it permanent tile damage can be done.

We can remove any kind of dirt that builds up on Mexican tile:
** Stripping off any existing topical acrylic, urethane, epoxy, heavy wax coatings and epoxy grout haze
** Cleaning of grease, oil, dirt, dry soil and soap scum from Mexican Tile
** Removal of efflorescence, grout haze, salts, mineral deposits and all other calcium-based stains (acidic cleaning) on Mexican Tile

We offer on top of the low- high gloss finish as a protective layer to prolong the lifespan of your tile:

** natural looking protector on interior and exterior surfaces (heavy duty protection, water and oil repellency) on Mexican Tile.
** natural looking protector on exterior surfaces (heavy duty protection, water repellency only) on Mexican Tile.
** color enhancing, impregnating (non-topical) protector on interior and exterior surfaces (heavy duty protection, water and oil repellency) on Mexican Tile.

How to care for the floors after the Mexican tile cleaning and restoration service :

1. Vacuum out any dust or small pieces of tile, grout and dried thinset that remain in the work area.
2. Prepare a small amount of thinset in a bucket with some water. Apply a layer about 1/4-inch thick into the cleaned area with a trowel.
3. Allow the grout to dry completely, then wipe the tile, grout and surrounding area with a clean, wrung-out sponge.