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carpet cleaning

If you're looking for a local carpet cleaning company in the DMV area, that you can trust to rapidly and thoroughly clean your residence or your office space, you're in the right place.


At DMV Carpet Care, we're innovators in various carpet cleaning techniques, and we'll use every available resource at our disposal so we can prolong the life of your carpeting.


We'll pre-vacuum the carpets and we will reduce soil spots before moving forward with our hot water extraction method to get you the best results and the most thorough clean.
Using this unique system we will get to the very base of your carpet fibers and get rid of the particles , allergens and odor molecules that can pollute the air in your home.

** Clean on-site or at our facility. **

We will leave your carpets looking brand new and spotless. We also offer a protective treatment to prevent future spills and accidents.


We utilize materials and methods to address all types of dirt and stains on a carpet.
From dirty traffic areas, pet odor and urine stains, mold, red kool-aid stains, restaurant grease, oil and even paint and tar.
Enzymes dissolve biologicals, vegetable oil and petroleum based oils. Oxidizers kill bacteria and remove odor.

** Never throw away a carpet just because it’s dirty. Let us show you how I can save you $1000's on carpet replacement today.

Healthy Indoor Environments

on top of making your carpet look as good as new , our professional carpet cleaners will remove unwanted bacteria, dust mites, fleas, and allergens, leaving you with a healthy indoor environment. This aspect of our service is especially useful for people with children, pets, as well as the elderly.

We are a family-owned-and-operated business that’s been serving the DMV area for well over a decade. We pride ourselves on our quality work, affordable prices, and excellent customer care.